Hi, I'm Junaid.

In 2019, I graduated from Jacobs University Bremen on full scholarship with degrees in Biochemistry & Business Administration and now work at a Venture Capital firm in Berlin where I hire talent and analyse investment opportunities. I am also conversationally fluent in German.

At TheBrownGerman, I create remarkable content for you to save time, save money, and kickstart your journey to studying and/or working in Germany. My top content is the free ultimate guide below that I prepared to take you from zero to actually studying in Germany.

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Why me

Moving across continents to a different country is never easy, especially if you don’t even speak their language. I’ve been there. Burdened by lots of paperwork, not knowing where to start, dealing with tons of overwhelming information, and not making progress.

After being tossed around by consultants and false information for about two years, I moved to Germany from Pakistan on my own in 2016.

Shortly after moving I came across so many South Asian individuals and had so many intimidating conversations around  “don’t study this, it has no scope in Germany” to “you can’t get a job if you don’t speak German” to “without a Masters, you will be a lost cause”.

I very quickly realized that so many of these conversations were pointless and in fact, damaging. 

So I created my own path by starting a photography brand to sustain my student expenses and consulting a best-selling author and professor to grow his social influence. Not to mention landing a high paying job in a field that I wasn’t qualified for.

I believe in being an outlier and how it shapes your life for good. You shouldn’t have to follow a normal path and do what 99% of the people do just to be disappointed by your life. At TheBrownGerman, I talk about uncommon mindsets and techniques to help you get the best out of your life in Germany.

Starting off, I help you write a killer letter of motivation in a 45 minute 1-1 session that makes you stand out amongst hundreds of applications.